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Hello. I am sorry for the amount of wait. I have been busy. Please excuse my absence. I would like to say i use a new, better server now. The ip is super-earth.net. also make a profile on the website and follow me! THANKS :)
Please. Comment.

Skin Contest

Im in need of an official skin so I will have a contest.
In the next few days I will make several different skins and you will vote in the comments on which one you like.
I will post them in one of my pages.
Does anyone have any good servers? I would enjoy trying new ones
Today's posts will be about ideas and such
Comment your ideas too!
If you get on this site please put a comment in this meesage




-text to other pages
-pictures to other pages
-working on links so buttons don't work

Thanks for waiting for me to fill some of the pages. Pages will be updated often
I'm sorry about how the other pages are empty... I am using my IPhone and I just got the weebly app and I'm trying to figure it all out